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For Recruiters

What is IntroInsight?
IntroInsight is a simple to use online video interviewing platform, for hiring managers and organizations to obtain candidate video as an integral part of interviewing process.

IntroInsight assists in speeding up the shortlisting process by enabling employers to easily send out three short questions to candidates as part of the screening process. These short video interviews are called ‘Introviews’ and are intended to be used as part of the selection criteria for job vacancies.

IntroInsight allows you to find out more about an applicant’s skills, experience and job fit and to speed up the recruitment and selection process. A key feature of IntroInsight is that it brings candidates applications to life and gives you the ability to more fully understand a candidate’s attributes.
Where are we based?
Developed in New Zealand, the founders of the company have worked within the recruitment industry for many years. They believe that IntroInsight has the ability to redesign the recruitment and selection process.
What are the advantages of using IntroInsight?
IntroInsight uses video introductions that form part of a selection process when recruiting staff. An video introduction or "Introview" provides an easy way to bring your candidates to life and find out more about their capabilities and suitability to a role. An Introview is a selection tool taking a one dimensional job application and truly bringing it to life. It’s the piece of recruitment and selection that you didn’t know was missing.
What do I need to access IntroInsight?
There is no special software or application required, for candidates and recruiters, to access IntroInsight.

All you need is a device (i.e. computer, laptop, phone etc.) that has access to an internet browser with microphone and webcam.
How long does it take to setup a login on IntroInsight?
You can setup an IntroInsight account instantly. All you need is to create a login and top up the account with credits to send out interviews.
What does it cost to use IntroInsight?
One credit equals one Introview. You can easily purchase credits from the website or top up credits from your account. The more credits you buy, the cheaper it is per Introview. There are no hidden costs, no subscriptions and no contracts. We are totally transparent about our costs and our prices are listed on our website.
How long does it take for the credits to top up an account?
Credits are instantly topped up once purchased. You will be able to use them right away.
How do I know if the candidates have completed the Introview?
You will receive an email notification once the candidate has completed the IntroInsight video introduction. You can access the introviews by logging into your account from anywhere and anytime. You will be able to evaluate, write comments and share your shortlist with other decision makers.
Can I take a copy of the Introview for our organisation to keep?
For candidate privacy reasons, Introview videos cannot be copied and kept. Introviews are stored for 120 days and after that time they will be automatically deleted by IntroInsight’s system.

For Candidates

I have applied for a job and have been invited to complete an Introview. Why should I do this?
An Introview provides candidates with an additional opportunity to further promote themselves for a role. Unlike a resume, an Introview gives you the opportunity to show your personality as well as your skills, knowledge and experience.
Who will see my Introview?
Introviews are used by organisations as part of their recruitment and selection process. The organisation will determine to whom in that organisation will be able to view your Introview, and in accordance with good HR practice only those relevant people would be privy to your information.
How long will my Introview be stored?
Introviews are stored for 120 days and after that time they will be automatically deleted by IntroInsight’s system.
Who should I contact if I wish to raise an issue or concern about my Introview?
Your Introview will have the organisation’s name and contact person listed on the email invitation. As the Introview is confidential between yourself and the organisation you should contact them.

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