Candidate tips

IntroInsight helps you bring your application to life.

The thing that sets you apart from other candidates in any recruitment process is YOU!

Here are some tips to help you submit a great video introduction and be successful in getting to the next stage of the recruitment process.


Just one part of the process

When hiring managers’ shortlist candidates they assess the skills, knowledge and experience of candidates in line with the requirements of the job vacancy. Each role will have a selection criteria set by the hiring manager. The selection criteria may include items like resume, cover letter, reference checks, skills testing and other relevant information for the role.

A video introduction forms part of that selection criteria. It is not an interview and in no way replaces a formal interview. Completing a video introduction with IntroInsight provides an opportunity for a candidate to add another dimension to their job application — bringing their application to life.

Consider your responses before filming

Think about how you will respond to each question and how you will introduce yourself. Make some notes, be brief in your responses and answer the questions. You may wish to practice before recording. However you will get two opportunities to record your responses for each question and you get to choose which one you will submit.

Recording your video

It is easy to record your responses by using a computer with a webcam, tablet or smartphone. Here are some tips to make the whole process easy for you:

  • Make sure your face is in the middle of the screen before you start recording.
  • Look into the camera lens when recording — not at yourself in the screen.
  • Be aware of your background. Record your video in front of a plain wall if possible.
  • It's best to have good lighting — perhaps turn on a light.
  • If you are using a smartphone or tablet hold it in landscape (so your recording is wider than it is tall).
  • Think about your body language, smile and just be yourself.
  • Most of all – enjoy the process!
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