5 Reasons to use video interviewing next time you recruit

5 Reasons to use video interviewing next time you recruit

Wednesday 4th December 2019

If you haven’t tried video interviewing as part of your recruitment process here are 5 great reasons why you should!

  1. Used as part of the selection criteria, video interviewing allows you to screen candidates prior to committing your time to a full formal interview.  You get an insight into a candidate’s suitability for a role in a shorter amount of time than conventional interviewing.
  2. Video interviewing allows you to dig deeper, gain more information and insights than that contained within a resume without committing to a full interview.  You can ask specific questions relating to your job vacancy to enable you to ascertain the level of skill and experience of the candidate and then progress only those candidates that meet the selection criteria for your role.
  3. There is less chance of disadvantaging candidates because they are all asked the same questions and in the same format.  When you set up a job you choose your questions for that particular role and then forward an email link to each candidate.
  4. Question response times are timed.  Ideally, candidates should spend 1 – 2 minutes answering an interview question.  Since you choose the length of time a candidate has to respond there is no risk of having to listen to long-winded and irrelevant answers.
  5. Your recruitment process will be more efficient as candidates will be ‘pre-qualified’ and therefore you will only progress to final interview those candidates that most closely fit your selection criteria.

Video interviewing is a Recruiter and Hiring Manager's best friend.  We are all busy and this tool enables you to speed up your recruitment process and shortlist high calibre candidates more effectively.

Honestly, why wouldn’t you use it? is a simple-to-use online platform that allows you to obtain candidate videos as an integral part of your shortlisting and hiring process.

Candidates record responses using their own device, in their own time.  Review all candidate videos when it suits you and then add all relevant information in one handy spot to securely share your shortlist with your team.

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